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5 Reasons to Write a Paper Note

Whether it is the reassurance of recognition of a hand written envelope or the wonder & intrigue of unfamiliar penmanship, it is hard to beat the thrill of receiving genuine ‘post’ through your letter box. This was of course ‘the normal way to correspond’ during my childhood. If I made a friend on holiday, we became penpals and I wrote to friends and family to keep in touch. Today, my own daughters find this an alien concept, living in the technology enabled world, with the teenager surgically attached to her phone. The wonderful thing about letters or notes is their degree of personalisation which nothing electronic can replicate.

5 Reasons to write a paper note

Personal insight

The physical formation of letters are personal and unique to the individual writing them, in themselves an expression of personality and character, whether quirky, precise or illegible. The sight of familiar handwriting can conjure many memories, especially from a relative or long standing friendship.

Authentic expression The sender has taken time to think about the message they would like to convey and how to express it. Choosing the most appropriate card design is a considered decision and shows how thoughtful the sender has been in their selection. Sometimes the reason for writing can be challenging or difficult or words fail you, in these circumstances just being able to tell someone you are there for them and thinking of them through the tone of the card is really helpful.

Sincere sentiment.

The written expression of sentiment, support or love just feels so genuine and sincere to the recipient and is a tangible substitute when a face to face connection is not possible. Selecting the right words for the given situation can be a challenge sometimes but hand written and expressed in a familiar and personal way will bring happiness every time.

Taking time to show you care

To hand write a note is meaningful on many levels. The thought given by the writer to ensure their words are considered, and their writing is neat or at least legible, demonstrates how much they care. Add the joy of the recipient, who will be truly touched by the words and sentiment intended and the combined benefits of sending and receiving a written paper note are easy to understand.

Permanent physical memory

Living through the pandemic, Zoom and other electronic facilitation of contact between family and friends has been invaluable but so too have the many cards and letters which have been written because there has been time available to put pen to paper. Those physical notes will be providing a permanent, physical source of comfort, joy and love to those who possess them, making them very precious indeed. Some will be retained, reviewed and enjoyed for years to come.

Many of my card designs are perfect for sending that personalised note as they can be purchased without a greeting. I also have a range of lovely gift card sets perfect to keep in your top draw for that spontaneous handwritten note.

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